Teething and Tylenol

Some teething situations may call for baby Tylenol, another acetaminophen product, or, for babies over six months, an ibuprofen product such as Motrin. These products reduce inflammation and also work their medical “magic” on the pain.

Some parents prefer to hold off on drugs such as these unless absolutely necessary, while others—often the more-seasoned moms and dads—prefer the “dose early and often” approach. A happy medium might be to stick with teething rings and homeopathic treatments during the daylight hours, and administering acetaminophen or ibuprofen at night, so Baby can sleep better.
Like many new parents, my friend Tina, of Medford, Oregon, was hesitant to “load her baby up with drugs.” But after a few weeks of late nights with her tiny teether, her philosophy is, “Give Tylenol sooner than later.”

Another friend of mine, Laura, of Paradise, California, says, “My main weapon was Motrin–and cold washcloths.”

It’s very important to make sure you’re giving Baby the correct dose (use the dropper or syringe that came with the medicine). Pediatricians give out charts that show the proper dosages for a variety of medications.

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