Is my baby done teething yet?

Thankfully, most “bouts” of teething last only a few days, and then you can expect a reprieve of about six weeks before the next culprits begin to spout.

Teething continues past the second year, with the arrival of the second molars. These, too, can be painful, but by this age your child may be able to tell you where it hurts. My niece, who’s two, tells her parents, simply, “My teeth hurt.” The end is in sight; most children are done with baby-age teething by age 2 ½.

Some babies, of course, don’t follow a set schedule. Some get their “two-year” molars at one year, and a handful are born with a full set of teeth! Whichever group your little one falls into, don’t relax too much because you’re already on to your next challenge: brushing those new teeth!

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