Diaper rash and teething

A diaper rash at peak teething time should not come as a shock, says Dr. Sears, but it should be “mild.” The diarrhea that can be a side effect of teething-related drool can contribute to this rash. You could consider switching to super-absorbent diapers for the duration of the bout with teething rash.

The usual topical treatments (Desitin, A & D, Boudreaux’s Buttpaste, etc.) should be of help, along with the time-honored technique of “airing out” Baby’s diapered parts. Recently, I read of dabbing some milk of magnesia on diaper rash and letting the area dry.

Some doctors will say there is no connection between teething and diaper rash, and cite scientific studies to the effect, but parents who have been there know better. Other doctors refer to the condition as “teething bottom” and advise the usual remedies.

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