Amber teething necklaces

Many parents swear by amber teething necklaces, while others aren’t sold on the idea of amber as a natural remedy. At any rate, these necklaces are becoming more and more popular in the United States. (They’ve been used traditionally in Europe and the Orient.)

The thinking behind these necklaces is multi-fold. First, amber is considered to be a natural analgesic, and its soothing oils may be released from the beads onto Baby’s skin. It’s also been credited for helping with everything from inflammation to infection. When it comes to teething, the necklaces are said to calm babies down while easing the pain of teething.

Amber teething necklaces are not intended to be chewed upon; they’re to be worn against the skin. Some sources say the mother should wear the necklace and then hold the baby. Others advocate putting it around the baby’s neck under close supervision to avoid choking hazards.

Some recommend placing the teething necklace in the sun to warm it up (to release natural amber oils) before placing it on your baby.

Look for a necklace that’s unlikely to break and pose a choking hazard—perhaps one with knots between each bead. Regardless of what necklace you chose, never let Baby wear it unsupervised—especially while sleeping.

Most amber necklaces cost $15 to $30. Baltic amber is noted as being of especially high-quality.

You could make your own amber teething necklace using smooth or natural-shaped stones. Be very careful about safety by knotting strong string between each stone and using a breakaway clasp along with constant supervision.

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